A Momoir

What’s better than waking up to streamers floating from the bedroom door? Feeling that exciting reminder - today is the day!

You see, every year, for each of my children on their birthday I put up streamers outside their door. They wake up, open the door and have that instant party feel and specialness of “today is their day.” It’s become a tradition and I haven’t missed a single birthday (unless, since they’ve grown older and sometimes, oh so selfishly, were not home for their birthday, but whatevs.)

To my surprise, streamers were on my door this morning, 9.9.19. It is not my birthday.

I was perplexed, not sure at first what was going on?! Then it dawned on me - one of my children put them up today for the “birth-day” of my book. Long talked about in our household, sharing my vision, showing my kids my vulnerability and more, she realized the importance of this day to me and wanted to celebrate. To recognize my journey and process. I was moved to tears.

Creating this book, The Perfect Cupcake, a Momoir, has been so cool on many levels. I learned about myself, about others and about the heaps of stuff I didn’t know that you need to figure out to write and launch a book. I learned about writing and the reader. I learned about committing time to write, consistently. I learned about Facebook and Instagram (ok, still learning). I learned about overcoming the fear and trepidation of sharing my story. I made new friends. And I learned about my family.

Writing your authentic story takes consideration. There are other people in the story of course and I happen to see most of them everyday. I also share awkward stories of things that have happened and kept names out, again, out of consideration. Those things happened for a moment in time that were meant for my learning and awareness. Not to have the persons involved branded that way forever. It was their potential learning moment in time too. Gotta say though, those stories bring the most laugh-out-louds.

So if this “average” mama can do this, how about you? What’s your story? What’s your desire that maybe you’ve been waiting on until… (fill in the blank with some reason we both could easily dismiss)…?

Are you willing to work at it, making SURE to enjoy the process? With focus on celebrating it’s birth-day? Or… are you celebrating something now? Let’s celebrate together!

Even when the streamers come down, this day for me will float into creating the next day and the next day - carrying with me the warmth, joy friendships, support and love of family that truly is at the heart of the matter.

Lynn BodnarComment