Back to School Mom Hacks

Ahhh, back-to-school.  It brings so much with it.  The ending of one season; all the loose ways of summer and a return to routines and tight schedules.  The preparation and process heading back to school can be daunting and exhausting.  When the first day back in class actually arrives, I often feel sad that summer is over and relieved that the endless back to school supply shopping is finally over.  Finally.

The seemingly endless and picky school supply lists (like is the plastic folder with 3-prongs, double pockets, metric measurement table imprinted in light purple really that important?).  New clothes, shoes, underthings.  Get their physicals done and copies in triplicate turned in so they can join their classmates on the swings or play sports.  All the while being shocked and amazed that they are another year older and inches taller.

I have a couple thoughts for us MOMS for this high octane back-to-school season.  Here goes:

1.  If your budget allows, buy yourself a new outfit.  Celebrate your awesome "momming" this summer and welcome the next season.  You deserve it.  If your budget is tight, still try to get a new shirt or even just a t-shirt that you really like.  Perhaps those really cute earrings you've had your eye on?   It's important.   It represents you intentionally celebrating and honoring yourself.  Nice job this summer, Mom.

Oh, and buy yourself a new pen while you are at it. Just something cute or whimsical.  Something that fits well in your hand because you are going to be filling out a lot of forms in the coming weeks.

2.  Our kids will be telling their class what they did on their summer break.  Writing essays too.  What about you?  Write an essay about your summer experiences and how you felt about them.  What did you love the most?  What would you not do again?  How did you feel?  What did you learn?  And the biggie - how you feel about your role as Mom?  What does it mean to you?  Have older kids?  Write down a list of the things you do and have done well!

3.  Ok, this one is quite different from the norm.  The established way of doing things.  How about setting your goals in the next few weeks instead of the typical January 1st?  I know, that's not what everyone does.  All the more reason :-).  As your kids head back to school and the routines change, you may have a moment to collect your thoughts.  A little bit of time to break out some clarity, focus, intentions, and new goals.  Moms know the holiday rush and the big show in December into January is pretty crazy.  It can make setting goals, planning or vision boards feel like, "whatever."  I'll get to that. And then it doesn't happen and we start along the path of losing ourselves.  So why not set your goals/intentions in this fall season and revisit, revise and celebrate some goal success at the first of the year?  Food for thought.

Whether you have kids in grammar school, high school or just brought your "baby" to college, I invite you to reflect, celebrate, do something cool for yourself for the sole purpose of focusing on you.  It makes each stage on this journey, this art of momliness, more balanced, fun and delicious.  Perhaps even the endless shopping is a bit more bearable too.  

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