Don’t you love it when it all comes together? Especially when you are working with people you never knew before.

After months of behind-the-scenes work, a group of authors and two fearless leaders shared their stories collectively in a book called The One Thing That Changed Everything. I was honored to be part of it all. The project opened a new world for me. I felt both excitement and, frankly, had to overcome some fear. There was no turning back once my story was out there, right?!

But what I reflect on at this moment is the experience of putting this book together… together. This group of authors didn’t all know each other beforehand. We got connected through group calls, Facebook, deadlines, and, most importantly, learning each other’s powerful stories. We learned the “nuts and bolts” from Kyle Wilson and Takara Sights (the amazing fearless leaders). We tuned into each other’s questions and gained understanding about “where everyone was at”. Good ideas, tips, and the times like, “I never thought of that”. Perhaps some of the authors experienced some jaw-droppers too (did I really write that sentence?)

We are from all walks of life with different stories and perspectives, yet, we all came together for a common goal, a common good. To share from the heart and hopefully encourage potential readers, others who have or are currently facing challenges. Maybe even (re) examining everything in their lives. Because, really, we all do that at one time or another.

Rather than remaining strangers, we have come together to enjoy being #1 Amazon best selling authors. I’ll now be watching these fellow authors and continuing to cheer them on.

But wait! It gets better - the “way more-than-icing-on-the-cake” substantial donation to GRACE (a charity that feeds and clothes needy children) was delivered from the book proceeds as well. Booyah!

When you think about it, this process, coming together and lessons learned are transferable to other areas of our lives. A diverse group working together to create something new, something beneficial… something that reaches out. When we are open to considering at others’ points of view (perhaps people we don’t know yet) and realizing they have a story, have overcome and have something to offer, we can open to the idea of being in this together. What’s the this to which I refer? Society, common hopes, dreams, raising our children, up-leveling ourselves, sharing our stories, the road, a stick of gum and maybe our hearts. Even if it’s a little scary.


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I truly hope you enjoy the stories and perhaps ponder your own “one thing that changed everything”.*


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