Meet Lynn.

Mom. Author. Illusion Shifter. 

The "Official" Bio: 

After 10 years with a Fortune 100 company, I closed up my briefcase to be a professional mom where I had (no) control of my day.  I mastered the art of volunteering.  My family most admires me for having fearlessness in the face of rejection, like making meals no one eats.  I'm grateful to be living an intentional life filled with traveling, learning, laughing, reading and speaking.  I live in Colorado with my 4 children and husband.  

The "Real Me" Bio:

  • Name: Lynn Bodnar or Mom! Mom! Mom!
  • Superhero: Wonder Woman (before it was cool)
  • Age: Old enough to know better
  • Height: Still taller than my youngest
  • Hair: Still there
  • Eyes: Blue & wise
  • Favorite Song: Just one? Ug, hmmmm, “Rise Up” by Andra Day
  • Style Icon: Wait, what?
  • Ultimate Joy: Alignment with my purpose
  • Brag-worthy Accolade: My kids have never found out how desperately afraid of the dentist I am. Oh, crud, until now
  • Ultimate quote: “Just because ‘they’ said it, it doesn’t make it true”
  • Proudest Moment: The decision to overcome fear & do this
  • Lowest Slump: I’m a lifelong Cubs fan, enough said (until 2016!!).
  • Arch-nemesis: Coyotes
  • Arch-Angel: Gabriel
  • Favorite Bible Person: why, Mary of course
  • Power Chakra: Third eye (the better to see my children & what they are up to....:-)
  • Spirit Animal: Eagle and hummingbird