A humorous and relatable ‘momoir’ brings you the journey of modern day motherhood with it’s expectations, illusions and stifling judgment. Emerging on the other side with my “key aha’s of awakening” that help navigate this life with self-alignment and empowerment instead.


the momoir series
conversations with real moms about real life

wednesday wonderings
weekly reflections, because reflection is when we learn the most about ourselves

vent with a venti — coming soon
in this village, we bring it to the table

the heart of the matter blog
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journey to self-discovery through
authentic mothering & intentional living


the momoir series


reframing illusions

My story involves a failed vasectomy, an ‘impossible’ pregnancy 5 1/2 years later at ‘advanced maternal age’ with complications. I was panicked but realized I was getting to watch the movie all over again. I woke up, reframed my illusions & started living an intentional life. From here I realized modern mom’s need a village — support, conversation, sisterhood. Don’t get stuck, get connected.